Flamingo Pink Scarf


1200 Hours.

I land a good parking spot in the Valet parking area.

I am running a bit late to get to the bank and sort a few payments.

I put down the sun visor to check that my make up and hair are in order. Give myself a wink and step out of my car.

A sweet spicy musky fragrance in the air pleasantly surprises my senses as I lock my car and run my hands over my dress to straighten it. For a moment, I imagine I am relaxing under an Arabic  tent pitched next to a huge pool that seems to end in the ocean before me, as I sip my ice tea with passion juice and the ocean breeze soothes my skin.

The source of the fragrance is the car I have parked next to. The back passenger windows are slightly open, enough to just let in some fresh air. There is movement inside. Very delicate slender perfectly manicured fingers typing away on a expensive phone. She is seated back left wearing dark round sunglasses. She dons a beautiful flamingo pink silk scarf on her head. Her phone rings. She speaks ever so calmly giving instructions to the caller.

She is now aware of me. Her posture stiffens. She puts up the the very darkly tinted window. That is my que back to my reality. As I head towards the security check point , I look back to where my car is parked. Her window is lowered again and she is watching me as she pats her pink scarf gently back in place.

I smile and wave at her.

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people – Unknown

Photography :- PINK by atmospherepix

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