What we hold in our hands in our present moment is really what we have given attention and intent (whether we acknowledge it or are in total denial of it) . Plant wisely each day.

“Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.” ~
Ecclesiastes 11:4 NIV

A beautiful Sunday spent with my spiritual inner circle. Also the grapes were delish 🍇😋


The Staircase


Crispy cold July morning.
She is feels refreshed after a fun but tough gym workout session.

Maria has a few errands to run this morning at the mall.She parks her car at her usual spot and muses at herself for being such a creature of habit. She gives the usual salutations to the security guard at the security check. The guard smiles, rummages through her handbag and gives Maria clearance to continue into the mall.

It’s quite busy for a Monday morning. It is the long school holidays. It all makes sense. She thinks to herself.

Normally she takes the elevator, but today she decides to break routine and take the stairs down to ground floor.As she descends the stairs, she can’t help but notice two ladies staring at the elevator. One lady is a young European lady dressed in a crisp white blouse tucked in some tight blue jeans with brown boots. The other lady is a middle aged African lady with a short haircut dressed in a floral shift dress with black tights and black boots. Both carry designer handbags on their right hand forearm.

As she takes the last step, she realizes they are not staring at the elevator. They are blatantly openly staring at a man in front of them as he presses the elevator buttons (even though they had been pressed before ).

They said curiosity killed the cat and dissatisfaction brought it back. She is curious to see what would mesmerize them so.

Her attention is now on the man. He has a tall athletic built. Smooth dark skin. He is dressed in a fitting white t-shirt, slim blue jeans and brown leather sandals. He wears glasses and is well groomed.

She wonders what would make this two ladies gawk like this…and then he turns his head to left …and she begins to understand why……….
He brings a bar of dark chocolate slowly towards his mouth. She can’t help but notice the well toned arms. He bites into it with such relish. He closes his eyes as he savors the taste of the chocolate.Maria chuckles and shakes her head because she have never seen a grown man openly exhibit such feelings towards chocolate. This is so Alejandro…she thinks to herself.

The European lady shifts her legs around and mutters loudly ” would this lift get here already “…Maria is now about to burst out laughing because they can take the stairs if they wanted to.He turns slowly , smiles , exposing neat white teeth, and responds ever so calmly ” I know right”…and continues to get another bite of the chocolate.
The African lady drops her phone. She quickly picks it up and attempts to make a call.

Maria thinks to herself , this is the moment you either become a zombie and wait for the lift even though you don’t need to use it or take a step forward into the rest of the day.

She chooses the latter smiling away into her day.

We are our choices – J.P. Sartre

Choices are the hinges of destiny – Edwin Markham

Broken Chords in Her Symphony

The late afternoon sun spilled all over his beautiful tall self. He stood there, like a soldier, holding the gate open for her to drive through. Their eyes locked and in that second so much was spoken.

She smiled back nervously.
The sadness in his eyes confirmed it all. This would be the last time they see each other.
And yet there was a glimmer of hope when she slowed down to whisper “Bye”.

Her leg shook nervously as she stepped on the brakes. Her heart raced. It hurt too much. This is not how she had ever imagined things would end or change. She wasn’t through yet. She needed more of this connection. Every part of her screamed, “Turn back!!”

Slowly she accelerated. Through the rear view mirror she watched him. He just stood there. Watching. Alone. Tears swelled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

She pressed forward.

A gush of wind blew dried leaves across the road into the air, as though to confirm to her the change of season.

She turned up the car radio to distract her mind , more like her heart.
Their song was playing midway…………..

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose – Yoda

Photo by James Jay

Flamingo Pink Scarf


1200 Hours.

I land a good parking spot in the Valet parking area.

I am running a bit late to get to the bank and sort a few payments.

I put down the sun visor to check that my make up and hair are in order. Give myself a wink and step out of my car.

A sweet spicy musky fragrance in the air pleasantly surprises my senses as I lock my car and run my hands over my dress to straighten it. For a moment, I imagine I am relaxing under an Arabic  tent pitched next to a huge pool that seems to end in the ocean before me, as I sip my ice tea with passion juice and the ocean breeze soothes my skin.

The source of the fragrance is the car I have parked next to. The back passenger windows are slightly open, enough to just let in some fresh air. There is movement inside. Very delicate slender perfectly manicured fingers typing away on a expensive phone. She is seated back left wearing dark round sunglasses. She dons a beautiful flamingo pink silk scarf on her head. Her phone rings. She speaks ever so calmly giving instructions to the caller.

She is now aware of me. Her posture stiffens. She puts up the the very darkly tinted window. That is my que back to my reality. As I head towards the security check point , I look back to where my car is parked. Her window is lowered again and she is watching me as she pats her pink scarf gently back in place.

I smile and wave at her.

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people – Unknown

Photography :- PINK by atmospherepix

Cookies and Hot Chocolate

“Attention Please! Flight KL0566 to Amsterdam Schiphol  now boarding at Gate 10”

Such a lovely voice,  I think to myself,  as I scan for a seat in the restaurant next to International departures. The joint is buzzing with activity of laughter, chit chat, glasses clinging, waiters serving, patrons getting up and some soft jazz playing in the background. I am drawn to the energy. At least, it will cheer me up. My sister is relocating.

“Ma’am, welcome to Java”,  a young waiter approaches me. He called me ma’am!! Read mature. Sigh. I can’t help but notice how his milky white level teeth contrast against his smooth dark chocolate skin. Forgiven.

“Thank you. A table for two please”‘ I respond with an equally large smile. I am a smiler.

We both look around. This joint is full to capacity.

“Ma’am , do you mind sharing?” he asks apologetically.

“No”,  I respond. I think to myself , No. I dont mind sharing so long as they are not drunk or eating eggs.

He politely approaches a couple who are lost in deep conversation. The middle aged man looks up, nods, takes a sip of his beer with relish as he gives me a quick glance and resumes his animated conversation with the young lady seated next to him.

The waiter pulls out the chair for me. Hands me a menu and goes off to serve another client.

I smile at the couple and tell them thank you. The man nods politely and stares into the eyes of the young lady, who looks not a day over 19. She giggles in a playful manner . The man blushes. Oh to be in love. I think to myself as I look through the menu.

“Babes, I am goonna miss you. What do I get you upon my return? ” The man ask the lady . He has a heavy European accent and is quite taken by her.

She giggles again. ” Oh bae, I will miss you more”, flicks her expensive looking weave back from her face. ” I don’t know what you can bring me.”

“Maybe a laptop”, he suggests gently, ” you can use in school”

She giggles again.

“Buy me a phone”, she says as she giggles ” so I can chat with my friends and take nice selfies”.

At that moment, I literally drop the menu down in disbelief. A phone!! A phone !! The man cannot hide his disappointment either. He looks abit flushed. He gives me a quick glance. I almost tell him I know right, a phone over a laptop, ordinary today vs great tomorrow..

“Bae, I’ll be late to take a bus home. Let me leave you now” she giggles again, touching his forearm ever so playfully.

“I will give you money for a cab. Please order something to eat . I have one more hour before boarding my flight”, he says patiently.

I slip my menu to her. I can’t wait to hear her order. The man gives me a perplexed look. I pretend to look for something in my handbag.

“Bae, I don’t know what to eat. Maybe a burger with fries or cake. Yeah let me get some cake. But now I can’t chose between the carrot cake and velvet cake” she looks gleefully at the menu.

“Have the burger and fries.” He suggests.

The waiter returns.

” Nitakula velvet cake na vanilla milkshake” ( I will have a slice of velvet cake and a vanilla milkshake) she says to the waiter, with a giggle and her finger twirling her locks.

I smile. She doesn’t disappoint.

The man shrugs take a long sip of his beer. He looks at it emotionally and states ” I am going to miss my Tusker beer”. She giggles.

The giggling is now annoying me. Chic get sophisticated like yesterday!! I hear myself scream in my head. Then I remember how young she is.

My phone rings. It’s my sister. She got her seat. She is off now. She sounds so excited about the future. I am happy for her. I will miss her.

I decide to linger on for the order to come.

The waiter appears bearing the cake and milkshake. She claps her hands and giggles.

She eagerly slices a piece of  the cake with her fork and turns to feed it to the man.  I am literally sitting on the edge of my chair because any moment now, the piece of cake will fall of the fork before it gets to the man’s mouth.

The man tries to move closer but it’s too​ late. The piece of cake slides of the fork and onto his thigh.

“Bae, I soooo sorry”, she giggles nervously. He is quiet and turning red at a pretty fast rate. She grabs a servitte to wipe away the mess. He grabs it from her, ” I’ve got this! How will you take care of our baby, if you can’t even feed me?!”

She looks down. Straightens her dress nervously and takes a sip of her milkshake.

I am seething mad. Really dude! Like really! It’s an accident! The intentions were in love!! 

I stand up.

She giggles and touches his cheek. He calms down. Smiles. She tries to feed him again.

I turn and leave.

I marvel at human relations.

Each to his own.

A roaring lion kills no game – Ugandan proverb

 Where there is love , there is no darkness – Burudian proverb

Photography​ :- “Love begets Love” by Atmospherepix.


I step out into the late December afternoon sun. I look up. Crystal clear blue sky. Mesmerizing. I close my eyes and soak in the warmth of the sun on my skin. I listen to the  gaily chirp of the birds. They sound  as if they are in the middle of a harvest festival. I inhale the warm mixed fragrances of flowers in full bloom. I smile.

The  warmth of the sun intensifies on my skin. Heat. I smile from inside me. I feel so alive,so warm, so happy. I stretch out my hands and relax into the feeling. Total bliss. The sun is now burning my skin. I love the intensity of the heat on my skin. A slight breeze passes by . It feels like feather kisses ,ever so gentle. Goosebumps on my neck.

In the distance, an airplane makes its way over me. I open my eyes. You. Standing infront of me. Gazing. Smiling. Twinkling eyes. A fleeting moment. An eternity of bliss. I reach out my hand to you and smile. Our fingers touch. Feather touches. Goosebumps. Twinkling eyes. Intensity. Warmth. 


Love is what makes you smile when you are tired -Paulo Coelho 

Friendship is one mind in two bodies – Unknown

Photography :- Blue by Atmospherepix

It is raining. 
I am cold and tired. I watch the raindrops slip down the window. I envy them. They are free in their purpose.

I slowly turn back to look at you. Your temple is sweaty and veins are popping out. The disappointment in your eyes, let alone your animated hands plunges the hurt deeper into my heart.  I hear your voice,  your beautiful sexy raspy voice , but I don’t listen to what you are saying because my heart ,my heart can’t take it anymore.

For a fleeting moment our eyes meet and I see the warmth of love and then your eyes harden again. You run your hands through your hair. Beautiful long strong hands. How I long to be embraced in your arms.

I wonder to myself is this it?  It dawns on me that passion is either way. You hunch over. Silence. Silence so loud my head can’t take it anymore.

I hold myself tight. To feel warmer. To feel less exposed. To feel stronger.

The rain pour pounds heavier , louder, harder and heavier against the window. My heart is heavy. I  watch as the rain drops glide faster down the window pane.I relax into the calm chaos of the gliding raindrops. I close my eyes and lose myself to the sound of the rain outside. Such peace. Such calm.

Silence. Heavy rain pour.

I don’t know how long I am in this moment. Ever so gently you embrace me. Warm ,musky, fresh, and woody minerals. I lose myself deeper into your embrace. 

You softly whisper close by my ear..I forgive you……

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you – Colossians 3:13 NIV

Forgiveness is choosing to love. It is the first skill of self-giving love – MK Ghandi

Photo by  Webneel

My friend

Friendship is the freedom to be unashamedly  vulnerable and bare with you.

Friendship is showing up.

Friendship is a smile of assurance and admiration.

Friendship is a whisper of guidance and correction.

Friendship comes with a hug that melts all troubles even without speaking.

Friendship is my life journey that I share with you.

Friendship is silence that speaks happiness.

Friendship is  Love.

Friendship is loyal.

Friendship is Unconditional.

Friendship is Forgiveness.

I love you my dear friend

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

Proverbs 17:17 NIV

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