“It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you think you are not”…….unknown

I read a statement early this week, around the same time when #mydressmychoice demonstrations were held in our beautiful Nairobi city,  that basically said that the woman is oppressed and abused because of how she is mentored in regards to her identity.

This maybe so in many communities that are still very traditional and hold on to only the negative part of traditions in regards to women. But, I believe there was a positive part of all our traditional cultures which have been conveniently forgotten. In the past, all communities co-existed in harmony and enjoyed a balance in the rhythm of how things were carried out.

I hold a more positive approach to this matter. Remember the famous saying “Charity begins at home”…..exactly.  Use your home, your work place, your extended family set up, your club, and the list is endless of platforms where you can make a difference for the future ie our daughters and sons and in the long run your community.

I say this,

Let us teach our girls to respect themselves, in doing so , the community at large will respect them. Let us teach our girls to dream and  be the best at whatever they set out to achieve in life. Let us teach our girls to be warm and loving in a respective manner, without this our world is in a precarious place. Let us teach our girls to accept only respect and dignity. Let us teach our girls to love and serve God.


Let us teach our sons that real men cultivate a culture of respect and integrity. Let us teach our sons that real men protect and mentor. Real men need God. Real men are visionary. Real men legacies are in the people and not things.

I will teach our girls to sit decently. I will teach our girls to dress decently.


I will tell our girls, You have a VOICE,  You MATTER, You BELONG, You are LOVED, You are CELEBRATED, You CAN.

“She is clothed with  STRENGTH and DIGNITY;  she  can LAUGH at the days to come ” …… Proverbs 31:25   (NIV)

“Don’t let your struggles become your identity”……unknown