The Staircase


Crispy cold July morning.
She is feels refreshed after a fun but tough gym workout session.

Maria has a few errands to run this morning at the mall.She parks her car at her usual spot and muses at herself for being such a creature of habit. She gives the usual salutations to the security guard at the security check. The guard smiles, rummages through her handbag and gives Maria clearance to continue into the mall.

It’s quite busy for a Monday morning. It is the long school holidays. It all makes sense. She thinks to herself.

Normally she takes the elevator, but today she decides to break routine and take the stairs down to ground floor.As she descends the stairs, she can’t help but notice two ladies staring at the elevator. One lady is a young European lady dressed in a crisp white blouse tucked in some tight blue jeans with brown boots. The other lady is a middle aged African lady with a short haircut dressed in a floral shift dress with black tights and black boots. Both carry designer handbags on their right hand forearm.

As she takes the last step, she realizes they are not staring at the elevator. They are blatantly openly staring at a man in front of them as he presses the elevator buttons (even though they had been pressed before ).

They said curiosity killed the cat and dissatisfaction brought it back. She is curious to see what would mesmerize them so.

Her attention is now on the man. He has a tall athletic built. Smooth dark skin. He is dressed in a fitting white t-shirt, slim blue jeans and brown leather sandals. He wears glasses and is well groomed.

She wonders what would make this two ladies gawk like this…and then he turns his head to left …and she begins to understand why……….
He brings a bar of dark chocolate slowly towards his mouth. She can’t help but notice the well toned arms. He bites into it with such relish. He closes his eyes as he savors the taste of the chocolate.Maria chuckles and shakes her head because she have never seen a grown man openly exhibit such feelings towards chocolate. This is so Alejandro…she thinks to herself.

The European lady shifts her legs around and mutters loudly ” would this lift get here already “…Maria is now about to burst out laughing because they can take the stairs if they wanted to.He turns slowly , smiles , exposing neat white teeth, and responds ever so calmly ” I know right”…and continues to get another bite of the chocolate.
The African lady drops her phone. She quickly picks it up and attempts to make a call.

Maria thinks to herself , this is the moment you either become a zombie and wait for the lift even though you don’t need to use it or take a step forward into the rest of the day.

She chooses the latter smiling away into her day.

We are our choices – J.P. Sartre

Choices are the hinges of destiny – Edwin Markham

Flamingo Pink Scarf


1200 Hours.

I land a good parking spot in the Valet parking area.

I am running a bit late to get to the bank and sort a few payments.

I put down the sun visor to check that my make up and hair are in order. Give myself a wink and step out of my car.

A sweet spicy musky fragrance in the air pleasantly surprises my senses as I lock my car and run my hands over my dress to straighten it. For a moment, I imagine I am relaxing under an Arabic  tent pitched next to a huge pool that seems to end in the ocean before me, as I sip my ice tea with passion juice and the ocean breeze soothes my skin.

The source of the fragrance is the car I have parked next to. The back passenger windows are slightly open, enough to just let in some fresh air. There is movement inside. Very delicate slender perfectly manicured fingers typing away on a expensive phone. She is seated back left wearing dark round sunglasses. She dons a beautiful flamingo pink silk scarf on her head. Her phone rings. She speaks ever so calmly giving instructions to the caller.

She is now aware of me. Her posture stiffens. She puts up the the very darkly tinted window. That is my que back to my reality. As I head towards the security check point , I look back to where my car is parked. Her window is lowered again and she is watching me as she pats her pink scarf gently back in place.

I smile and wave at her.

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people – Unknown

Photography :- PINK by atmospherepix



“It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you think you are not”…….unknown

I read a statement early this week, around the same time when #mydressmychoice demonstrations were held in our beautiful Nairobi city,  that basically said that the woman is oppressed and abused because of how she is mentored in regards to her identity.

This maybe so in many communities that are still very traditional and hold on to only the negative part of traditions in regards to women. But, I believe there was a positive part of all our traditional cultures which have been conveniently forgotten. In the past, all communities co-existed in harmony and enjoyed a balance in the rhythm of how things were carried out.

I hold a more positive approach to this matter. Remember the famous saying “Charity begins at home”…..exactly.  Use your home, your work place, your extended family set up, your club, and the list is endless of platforms where you can make a difference for the future ie our daughters and sons and in the long run your community.

I say this,

Let us teach our girls to respect themselves, in doing so , the community at large will respect them. Let us teach our girls to dream and  be the best at whatever they set out to achieve in life. Let us teach our girls to be warm and loving in a respective manner, without this our world is in a precarious place. Let us teach our girls to accept only respect and dignity. Let us teach our girls to love and serve God.


Let us teach our sons that real men cultivate a culture of respect and integrity. Let us teach our sons that real men protect and mentor. Real men need God. Real men are visionary. Real men legacies are in the people and not things.

I will teach our girls to sit decently. I will teach our girls to dress decently.


I will tell our girls, You have a VOICE,  You MATTER, You BELONG, You are LOVED, You are CELEBRATED, You CAN.

“She is clothed with  STRENGTH and DIGNITY;  she  can LAUGH at the days to come ” …… Proverbs 31:25   (NIV)

“Don’t let your struggles become your identity”……unknown