My Shujaa

20th October is Shujaa Day in my beloved country, Kenya.

Shujaa is a Swahili word which simply means Hero.

Wikipedia defines a hero as follows “hero (masculine) or heroine (feminine) is a person or main character of a literary work who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through impressive feats ofingenuitybravery or strength, often sacrificing his or her own personal concerns for some greater good.”

Today, I remember and celebrate our countries heroes ,past and present, who sacrificed to make my life and my childrens life better today.

This got me thinking about the unsung heroes in my life. These are the people whom I interact with daily and they  leave a positive impact in my life. Through their lives ie how they do their thing , the rthymn of their lives, a word of encouragement, a smile, a window moment allowed into their lives, they inspire me to want better, be better, do better. They teach me how to appreciate who I am and my life as it is.

So I picked up my phone and called one of my unsung heroes to just say thank you for being my hero. I didn’t expect the response I got. They werew so buffled and shocked almost insulted that they forgot to say thank you . They forwarded me the above definition. This saddened me though I understood why because as humans we have forgotten how to love communally.

In my life today, a hero/heroine is anyone who inspires me or shines light in my life journey even though for a minute. You don’t have to go and win a war or movement for me ( No disrespect to heroes past and present who have achieved this).

Just to be a blessing to me is enough.

If we were to celebrate more of our daily unsung heroes/heroine’s ,the world would be filled with more love and a great sense of belonging/community. And what a wonderful place it would be.

Light someone’s world. Tell one unsung hero in your life today thank you.

Photography :- Colors of Love by Atmospherepix